Providing the best photography available at the guaranteed lowest price in Utah valley.  Serving a 50 mile radius around Orem, Franklin Fotographics is the best choice to make sure today’s precious moments last forever and always bring you back down memory lane.

Don’t wait until the kids are already walking to realize you don’t have any family pictures when they were infants.  Don’t wait until they’re teenagers to realize the only pictures you have of them growing up is from their school ID’s.  Call today and get the guaranteed lowest rates plus various discounts and promotions!  Show a military ID and get 25% off anything, combinable with other promotions and coupons!

About the photographer

Born in Maryland, I grew up in Washington state from age 3.  I started my interest in photography when I was 16 and watched my best friend photograph glass chess pieces and their reflection.  Seeing someone capture natural and beautiful lighting effects outside of the movies, and seeing the beautiful results on a simple point-n-shoot camera, got me hooked from that moment.  Over the following 6 years I took thousands of pictures from various point-n-shoot cameras until I bought my first DLSR (Canon Rebel T3i) in 2011.

I moved to Utah in October 2010 to pursue my education.  I currently attend Utah Valley University earning my Bachelor of Science in Digital Media with an emphasis on photography and audio production.  It took me a year and a half to gain residency status for college, so I spent that time working and fooling around with all the different settings and effects on my new toy.

Although I’ve been involved in photography since age 16, I didn’t try to make a business out of it until July of 2012.  I went to basic and advanced training for the Army in September of 2012 and got home February 2013.  That pause really hurt the business and I’m always working on growing it again, building a larger and larger clientele and constantly molding my techniques and practices to better meet my customers’ needs.

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